Windows and doors made in Italy for over 60 years

Agostini Group has over 60 years of history in the Venetian and Italian window and door industry. In fact, it has accompanied the evolution of Italian buildings architecture, its architectural facades and windows. Its windows and doors have been "made in Italy for over 60 years." The Agostini Business Museum, on the strength of the Venetian company's years of history, aims to be a spokesperson for the art of designing and building Italian windows and doors, from windows to sliding doors, to roller shutters, to shutters and continuous glass windows, in PVC, aluminum, wood-aluminum blends, and fibex. Its role will be to collect chapters of the history of the Venetian and Italian window and make them available for reading for the whole territory.


The fundamental milestones of our company


Luciano Agostini founded his first company for the production of PVC roller shutters: ETP was born, in the province of Venice. A real revolution compared to the wooden roller shutters of the houses of the time.

The company evolves by integrating extrusion directly from pvc powder, in the new factory in Quarto d’Altino (Ve). Agos Extruded in Plastic is born.

The know-how gained in the processing of plastics leads the Agostini family to launch, among the first in Italy, a line of windows made of PVC, in collaboration with important profile systems engineers, such as Fersina (TN): Soteco is born.

The first Agos Avvolgibili srl catalog is published.

Soteco passes from the Fersina profile systems to those of Edil-Plastix, more suited to the needs of the Italian market.

While Soteco adopts the Salamander PVC profiles, the boundaries of the market served by Agos widen as far as France. The AgosFrance branch is born, which directly manages on-site customers and construction companies from across the Alps.

Archimede Progetti srl, a Friulian company from Gonars (Udine), leader in aluminum-wood windows and systems, is acquired, rich in innovative patents. This allows Agostini to become a “systems engineer”, integrating himself with the design of exclusive and innovative systems.

Agostini R&D develops Fibex, one of the first composites in the world made from glass fiber for the production of shutters and shutters. This innovative system was born, thanks to the collaboration with North American companies, to meet the growing demands for materials with high thermal and mechanical performance.

Agostini Group joins the corporate structure of IPA, a Rovigo-based company specializing in the production of PVC roller shutters and boxes.
Subsequently it will acquire the majority of the shares.

The first Fibex shutter is launched on the market. At the Saie 2 show in Bologna, the Fibex system is recognized as the "best innovative product of the year" on the window market. A result that attests how the Fibex brand now identifies this technology.

Agostini with GFT technology, Glass Fixing Technology, improves the insulation of double glazing on aluminum-wood windows, ensuring very high quality and guarantee.

Agostini launches a new system, a synthesis of the group's research. It is a series of aluminum and aluminum-wood windows with insulating insert made of Fibex: the Fibex Inside technology is born, a new frontier of thermal break capable of ensuring unparalleled thermal insulation.

The companies of the group, Agos, Soteco and Archimede, merge into a single and unique legal company: Agostini Group srl is officially born, replacing the various companies, offering a wide and varied range of doors and windows.

Agostini, together with other important leaders in the Italian window and door sector, founds the ANFIT Association, with the aim of enhancing manufacturing companies that respect the rules of quality excellence of Made in Italy.

Agostini Group celebrates its first 50 years of activity in the window market, positioning itself among the Italian leaders, proud to represent made in Italy.

It is a pivotal year for the Group, thanks to the launch of innovative models such as the Infinity lift and slide series, which introduces the company to the large glazing segment.

The innovative Venice Collection Fibex Inside line, is proposed to international markets, inside the fair halls of Doha in Qatar, at the Made Expo in Milan and in Moscow.

The Agostini Action Air "air exchange" system is presented, to allow you to live in healthier and cleaner environments, without wasting energy. The architectural project of the new headquarters has started, which will house the new production plant and the new executive offices of the Group.

Agostini presents “minimal design solutions” at Made Expo in Milan with the Orama Minimal Frames System and Zhero Frames Fibex Inside collections, windows designed to meet the new minimalist design trends.

The new industrial center of Agostini Group in Quarto d’Altino (Ve) becomes definitively operational. A building with a great architectural impact, characterized by vertical cuts to make the most of natural lighting, with a large surface area but with great attention to energy sustainability.

The Agostini Minimal Frames windows are selected as an expression of Italian design excellence of maximum environmental and social respect for the innovative green retail park Green Pea in Turin.

Launch and online publication of the sites and and of social media in support of the Digital Strategy dedicated to minimal windows.

Work is underway for the construction of the new company showroom of over 1500 square meters, the new raised offices and the Window Museum tower in Quarto D’Altino (Ve).