"From our historical connection with the territory, origins and history also came the idea - which later became a project - of creating a window museum and a monograph dedicated to the company's history. It all started in March 2020, during the first lockdown: an unpredictable event that forced us - like all companies - to react energetically and proactively in order not to lose our footing.
But also a moment when, in the complete upheaval of the everyday and routine, we were enticed to think and work with different tools and ways. During long video calls with our strategic marketing consultants, I considered creating a business museum. An Agostini museum that would tell the story of the company's evolution alongside that of the object-window. From this idea launched under difficult circumstances originated an ambitious heritage marketing and corporate communications project that is now presented in its virtual dimension in this website, and in its physical dimension in the Showroom Tower, leading to the elevated offices, which will go on to assume, in the coming months when construction work is completed, the role of a corporate museum space.

From that journey, we also came to design a book dedicated to telling our history and what we aim to be. A journey through time with a strong, proud and confident drive toward the future that has seen us all together in the excitement of telling our story."

Germano Agostini


The Agostini Window Museum will be set up in the tower that will provide access to the elevated offices. A structure soaring above the rest of the building, it is inspired by an architectural concept we also find in Wright's Guggenheim Museum, where the exhibition gallery forms a gentle spiral rising from the ground floor to the top of the building. In the tower, the museum is spread over several floors with double heights. You enter from the ground floor with the classic presentation, then take the elevator up to the top level where, by the way, there is a remarkable view. From there one takes the stairs down visiting the various levels of the exhibition. The "Agostini Museum – the window tells" project is intended to be a true business museum: a place of collective cultural memory, as well as a showcase of the Agostini Group's heritage. It is the story of over sixty years in the window and door industry: a successful production tradition intertwined with the history of a territory - the Venetian and Veneto area - and all the women and men who have been involved in this entrepreneurial adventure of excellence. More broadly, it is the narrative of an object - the window - that has always belonged to our living and bears witness to changing habits, lifestyles, fashions, passions and idiosyncrasies over the centuries.


In 2022, when the work will be completed, the glass tower, home to the museum space, will be clearly visible to motorists traveling on the ring road in the direction of Venice. It will be the culmination of the massive work to expand the Agostini Group's production, management and representative offices, which will see its conceptual and emotional centerpiece in the setting up of a large showroom (1,200 square meters), and a business museum (200 square meters) housed precisely in a tower with one façade, the north-facing one, entirely glazed.

The new corporate showroom, spread over two floors, covering more than 1,500 square meters, is intended to give life to spaces capable of fostering widespread sociality: not only among company employees, but also with the territory and all the stakeholders of the Agostini Group and its work to spread the Made in Italy design culture. The conference room, a hinge element between the ground level of the showroom, is built in steps and completely soundproofed. In the mezzanine we have provided a leisure area, a multipurpose lounge area, a coffee bar and small meeting rooms. Therefore, this is not just the Agostini Group's product showroom, but rather, a space intended to open up to the territory with shows, events and temporary exhibitions and that will host in the Tower, which allows access to the elevated offices, the museum space and corporate communication (vision, mission and values) on "talking" walls.